Thursday, July 5, 2018

We out here doing bad shit nigga!!

 rip kily ... bottom pic is also what i got...



Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Darkworld has dick breath

Ahmed was talking shit faneto pk with a metal detect!
 We took over green realm got this too.... RIP KRISTIAAN

 Firegi bro dont start shit on my realm son.

 Darkworld cant farm since the war..... What a try hard ass nerd

Taking over green realm easily........

 While the green takeover rip....

When you find a invis darkworld at skal LOL

Yayo admitting our real 1 v 1 we had at ratinger... He ran
but paid a heart and hh

 trying to pk thimble lol his tele was op af

 Stickbro was cakewalk

 Rip jabok

Rip white realm

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Rip fags

during the 2v  5 with russians chro got popped
and drop all these scroll LOL stupid noobssssszzzz we also pkd laleyenda he didnt drop anything :(

 Whiterealm fight club diep lost
 Me and faneto pking the russians... we both went inf and you know u a g when u can log in tav on arcane infamous... Rip those bitches 2v5
 I took over white realm... Since i did we celebrated and i let the realm slaughter

 me and cal pk snyder n nottrusted at lich LOL they recovered gear ;(

 Deer was trashing my name on reddit ... Next day i made dude quit Lol
Video of Pendraghon pk ... Video of us taking over russian realm aka black

Friday, March 30, 2018

First post in a while!

 Darkworld talks a lot of shit but somehow i ended up with ms and fear wand!

 Faneto welcoming me back a couple weeks ago :P

 I was fighting darkworld and his fag guild here with cal Lol just like old times!

 Rip lil guy
 GG Lukeskywalker sg drops always get me hard

 Demigod pkd this off of engrave aka luke, then he ran while unengraving so i ended up with it :P

 Kaaras a legend for this -----