Saturday, January 30, 2016


1 Thing annoying about fighting silver star is they will sit on protection.. But i dont give a fuck. so i almost kill zeman he saves within 10 hp of dying.
Here the pic.
1 Thing about being the aggreser that is annoying is alts.. So i killed a alt of zeman(redmercury)
and only have 1 kill till infamy as zeman and kain run after me, Which usually i would love and kill one of them but i was forced to run and not go infamous. What can ya do eh?

I've posted this on Reddit but in case you haven't seen this , some gear I have gotten from the war with
Silver Star.

I did also get zemans boneshield, My buddy is using it..
Another good trophy

Thursday, January 28, 2016

So I've been fighting kainjames and friends...
They talk so much shit that isn't true. As well they aint bout this life!

I was on Jun on the last one.

Kain you are nothing sit down.


42 kills wow

a day in the life of tmollo

And im tired of people saying , My trophy room is better.... Ok well this is before i had a bone shield ...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Welcome to the show 

- Tmalla (Aberoth God)

I'm Tmalla on aberoth if ya dont already know.

This is a lil bit about myself.

 He had stole my ikiritos 2 attk ring at skal. And you see what happen


Anyways you should get it by now.

Im not a blog guy, but I think ill post the best aberoth pvp pictures possible
Check it out!